Thursday, September 19, 2019

9:00am - 5:00pm    
Examiners Workshop (By Invitation Only)

6pm -7:30pm         
Opening Reception - Join us as we welcome international and domestic guests during a beautiful reception featuring entertainment, cocktails, light hors d’oeuvres.

Friday, September 20, 2019

9:00am - 5:00pm     
Accredited CIDESCO School Meeting (By Invitation Only)

6:00pm - 10:00pm    
Culture Evening Event, Chicago Architecture River Cruise & Dinner - “Chicago’s Leading Lady” ship – Boards only steps from The Hyatt Regency Chicago!

Saturday, September 21, 2019

8:00am - 5:00pm      
CIDESCO Section General Assembly (By Invitation Only)

Shuttle for The Architecture of Beauty Gala

6:45pm - 11:00pm     
The Architecture of Beauty Gala Dinner at Willis Tower, 99th Floor, (formerly the Sears Tower)

Sunday, September 22, 2019 - EARN 5 CEHS

CIDESCO World Congress Educational Summit - Day One - Session Descriptions Below

Registration Opens

9:30am - 10:30am     
CIDESCO World Congress Opening Ceremony

10:30am - 11:20am    
Illuminating Medical Esthetics- Shining a Light on Low-Level Light Therapy – Presentation with Samuel Shatkin Jr.,MD FACS

11:30am - 12:20pm    
Renew and Lift: Non-Invasive Solutions to Improve the Signs of Aging – Presentation and Demo with Lydia Sarfati

12:20pm - 1:30pm
Break for Lunch & Curated Exhibit Experience

1:30pm - 2:20pm
Cosmetics and Rituals: Welcome to the Future – Presentation with Andrea Bovero, PhD

2:30pm - 3:20pm
Breaking the Skin Barrier and Keeping it Safe – Presentation with Jens Bergström

3:30pm - 4:20pm
Clearing Concepts: What Every Esthetician Should Know About Acne-Prone Skin – Presentation with Mark Lees, Ph.D. M.S.

4:20pm - 5:00pm
Closing Day One

Monday, September 23, 2019 - EARN Up to 5 CEHs

CIDESCO World Congress Educational Summit - Day Two - Session Descriptions Below

Registration Opens / CIDESCO World Congress Makeup & Body Art Competition Begins

9:00am - 9:10am     

9:10am - 10:00am     
Cha-Ching. Six Ways To Turbo Charge Your Sales – Presentation with Carol Phillips

10:10am - 11:00am     
CIDESCO Age-Defying Signature Facial – Presentation and Demo with Jacqueline Kennedy

11:10am - 12:00pm     
Break For Lunch - (Optional) Chicago Says No More® - Domestic Violence Awareness Class
(Elective Session, meets IL DV /SA CEH Requirement)

12:00pm - 1:00pm     
Modern Modalities in the Treatment Room – Presentation and Demo with Elaine Sterling

1:00pm - 1:50pm     
Incorporating Viennese Massage to Enhance the Skin – Presentation and Demo
with Cynthia Malcolm

CIDESCO World Congress Makeup & Body Art Competition ends

2:00pm - 3:00pm
CIDESCO World Congress Makeup & Body Art Competition Model Parade and Award Ceremony

The Chicago Cosmetologists Association, Inc. is an approved sponsor of continuing education
(license #190-00101) and Domestic Violence Awareness Continuing Education (license #290.000021)
by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.
Cosmetologists Chicago is the authorized representative in the United States of America for CIDESCO Section USA.
All presenters, times & locations are subject to change without notice.